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Fast Shipping from USA. FREE Shipping on Anything!

Giving Back

Fun Socks, Furry Benefits

At UpKiwi, we believe in giving back any way we can. That's why our socks not only support your feet, but also the rescue, boarding and treatment of several animals across the country. With every purchase of UpKiwi's fun, creative socks, we donate 5% of the profits to animal shelters, wildlife rescues and welfare organizations. 

Each year, thousands of dollars are donated to help our furry friends.  That means, while your feet are cozy in your new socks, a whole bunch of rescue animals will be cozy (AND SAFE) too thanks to you! 

Cat Rescue Socks 

Love cats? Shop our most popular cat collection today! Proceeds from our special cat collection go towards supporting a"No-Kill Cat Shelters" and Cat Rescue Organizations. 

Socks Donation 

Our activities don's just end with the four-legged. New socks are the most requested item in shelters, yet among the least-often donated. We donate hundreds of new socks to our local shelters every year, helping innumerable people stay warm, cozy & safe, even in the harshest of seasons.


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