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Top 20 Ways To Use That Single Sock

Top 20 Ways To Use That Single Sock

You’ve heard about it. You may have had it even happen to you. Laundry day is the day when at least one sock makes a getaway. There’s no scientific answer to why this happens but if you are going to lose a sock anytime in your life it is highly probable to happen somewhere between the dryer and the sock drawer. We used to think it had to do with the solitary confinement all socks experience in a darken room in a dresser. Now we just chalk it up to something quirky about socks.

And really, think about that for a second. Socks are quirky to begin with. They are not much more than knitted foot bags placed between skin and shoe. It doesn’t matter what kind of sock you wear – women’s socks, men’s socks, cute socks or ugly socks – they all perform the same function. They keep your feet warm and protected. Unless, of course, there’s a hole in the heel of that darned sock (sock pun intended).

Let’s look at ways to use that single sock that came out of the dryer so you don’t have to throw it away or bury it under all the other socks in your sock drawer.

1 – Ball Storage

When was the last time you said something like, “I wish I had a sock full of golf balls?” Well, thanks to that unmatched renegade, you can turn it into a nifty and neat way to store golf or tennis balls. Plus, when you need any, one sock full of balls should be all you’ll need.

2 – Shoe Storage

Here’s one way to put a real twist on the sock/shoe relationship. To store your fancy shoes and prevent scuff marks or damage, you can put them inside a sock. Ah, one shoe per sock, in case you were wondering. Don’t use matching socks as that defeats the whole purpose of this list.

3 – Moth Ball Sock

Need to get rid of odors in a room or closet? Jam some moth balls or potpourri inside that sneaky sock and hang it where it can do the most good. The sock will keep the material together and in a place where it won’t harm anything else. Plus, your sock will smell not so bad, either.

4 – Sticky Cover

Here’s where a runaway solo sock can become a vital piece of functional material. For any bottle, can or container that holds liquid or some kind of sticky, oily goop that can sometimes spill out of the container, pull a sock over the bottom of that bottle. Spills will be soaked up!

5 – Window De-Fogger

Stick that lonely one-of-a-kind sock in your vehicle. On those cold mornings when you run the vehicle for 20 or 30-minutes to warm it up, you can use that sock to wipe off the fog forming on the inside of the windows. It can also double as a duster in the warm weather.

6 – Bird Feeder

Who wouldn’t want to see birds happy and eating healthy in their backyard? All you need to do is fill that sock with bird seeds that can be pulled through the material and hang that Bad Boy somewhere in the sun. Once the sock gets worn out, you’ll have another renegade waiting.

7 – Dryer Ball

Hey, here’s one way to test fate. Since you got that lost sock from the dryer, why not sick a tennis ball in it and toss it back into the dryer to fluff up your clothes? It’s as good as using one of those dryer sheets but a lot more fun as it happens to be the sock that didn’t get away.

8 – Planter Decoration

This is a handy way to use one of those mismatched women’s socks. If you have a planter that looks just sort of dull, why not cover that boring planter with a sock? Depending on the pattern or color of the sock, you can give your planted pots a lot of character with little effort.

9 – Rag Replacement

You know that rags are basically torn up towels or sheets, right? Well, make that cute sock you found in the dryer work hard to stay in regular use by using it like a rag. Only wear it like a glove and rub and scrub whatever you need to rub and scrub. Here’s where socks truly rock!

10 – Leveling Tool

Got a table with a mean lean to it? How about a wobbly stool? We’re talking the kind you sit on. Anytime you need something to prop up a seat or table or cabinet, grab that trusty solo sock from the sock drawer and put it to work. It won’t damage surfaces and it’ll keep that table level. 

11 – Vacuum Filter

Slide a sock over your vacuum hose and you’ll be able to pick up things that you may otherwise just suck up into the vacuum and lose forever. We’re thinking things like coins, rings, necklaces, that kind of item that happens to be just out of reach but can still get vacuumed into safety.

12 – Sock Bun

Girls, this is a great way to use a cute sock that has no other purpose. Cut off the toe portion and roll the sock up until it resembles a doughnut. Use it to secure your hair in a pony tail or any other hair style that requires the handy security that only comes from a mismatched sock.

13 – Ice Pack Cover

Save the harsh cold from chilling your hands or wherever you need to place an ice pack for healing purposes by slipping it into a sock. Sure, it may not look stylish but your fingers and skin will thank you for taking the extra precaution and shielding them from the bitter cold.

14 – Drink Cozy

Yes, you read that correctly. Slide your runaway sock up the bottom of your drink container and you will instantly have a unique and quite possibly the only sock drink cozy at the party. This trick works great on boats, backyard barbecues and anywhere cold beverages tend to appear.

15 – Stress Ball

Put some pliable material inside a sealed sandwich bag. Stick that in a sock. Boom! Instant stress relieving fun in a handheld device that will make your iPhone or iPod look silly in comparison. Squeeze out the stress and get rid of your other handheld devices because they can’t do this.

16 – Cat Toy

Have you ever spent far too much on a cat nip filled toy to only have your cat either ignore it or rip it to shreds? Avoid this by purchasing your own cat nip from a nursery and filling up a sock with it. Your cat won’t know what hit it. And, after all, isn’t that the whole idea?

17 – Dog Toy

We know dogs have very different needs than cats. Dogs are far less sophisticated so a great dog toy is a sock filled with some of those other runaway mismatched socks. Just roll them up before you stuff them into one. Sew the open end shut and watch the fun unfold.

18 – Scarf

Cut that crazy renegade sock into a tube and now you have a scarf. Really. We couldn’t make this up if we tried. The fuzzier and longer the women’s sock happens to be before you cut it up, the better the scarf will be. We sense you aren’t buying this one. Try it then get back to us.

19 – Shoe Polisher/Buffer

This is actually a very common use for that sock that almost got away. Just wear it like a glove and give your shoes the polish and shine that will rival a brush and professional buffer. They actually do a good job of spreading the shoe polish evenly and just replace with another.

20 – Weapon

We can see the headlines now, “Crook Stopped In Tracks By A Flying Sock Filled With Rocks.” Laugh if you must. Go ahead, get it out of your system. But if you were to fill a sock with nuts, bolts, some rocks and other objects, you could turn one into a self defense tool.

Darn Those Crazy Dryer Socks

 Alright. There you have it. Our complete list of twenty ways to make use of that one single sock that loses its partner in the dryer. We know, why would you throw away a perfectly good sock just because it has no match? Now you have ways to put that sock back into service for you by doing one or more of these valuable extra tasks. We use ours for bird feeders. Oh, and as cat toys. What will you use your mismatched socks for now?